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    Sebastopol Doggie Beach Runs!

    Hi there. Would your dog(s) LOVE a 3 hour beach trip once or twice a week?!

    I'm a p/t dog trainer and Sebastopol resident and Love, love dogs - and Dillon beach. So I'm starting a 'beach dog day' - where your dog can be on or off-leash at one of the most beautiful beaches around. I'm skilled in basic dog-training, and would be happy to do some training also.

    The one fabulous dog already in the group is a very fun, athletic, 2 year old female Aussie/Chesapeake mix. She's a dog-park favorite and loves chasing birds and frisbees!

    Details: All pickups must be in Sebastopol - or between Sebastopol and Dillon Beach. If your dog has a great recall and reacts well with other dogs, s/he's welcome to be off-leash. I'm also happy to keep a dog on-leash if necessary. Only 3 dogs go in each trip, and I only do trips with new dogs after a 'meet and greet/walk' so that your dog gets to know me a little bit before we wander into the great yonder!

    Thank you for reading; I look forward to hearing from Sebastopol dog owners!

    Have a lovely day!
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    Re: Sebastopol Doggie Beach Runs!

    What do you charge?
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