Curious to know what some of our community real estate attorneys, (who are landlords or not) think about the "Costa-Hawkins Act of 1995", insofar as potentially discriminating against landlords who are not exempt, (protected) from proposed rent control in Santa Rosa?

As some of you may know, the Santa Rosa City Council is seriously contemplating passing rent control through part reliance upon the "Costa-Hawlkins Act" of 1995. Pardon if I have some of this wrong, but for the most part, the act exempts multi-unit rental property from rent control if built after 1995, but will not exempt multi-unit rental property if built before. Hence, the act seemingly discriminates with rent control passed on to landlords who own multi unit rentals built before 1995. The landlords who own rentals built before 1995 will take a hit for rent control, while those who own buildings constructed after 1995 will not be affected. Please see link below describing "Costa-Hawkins Act".



Along with many other landlords, I'm a landlord of a hard-earned investment duplex property built before 1995. I'm not a rich woman. Just tying to use my life savings to help me save for my retirement years. Much of my money is invested in my rental duplex. I may or may not be a part of rent control if it passes, yet concerned for everyone in this matter; renters and landlords. All aside, I think temporary city wide taxation for all to pay is a FAIR price to pay. This way, everyone burdens the tax to pay the city to subsidize housing vouchers and build new housing.

I'd like to know if any attorneys want to weigh in here? If any attorneys are willing to speak to the City Council at the upcoming meeting on TUESDAY, October 20, 2015?

Is there any point in debating that the Costa-Hawkins Act is seemingly discriminatory, and even though its a state law? if invoked by the City of Santa Rosa, is this not an act of discrimination that may still be legally challenged?

Many thanks for any point of view you can give to this debate.