hello west county community!

I am a mama who just began TCM school in Oakland, I'm looking for someone two evenings and possibly one morning each week to hang with my sweet little ~5 year old boy while I'm in class.

I need someone to pick up from aftercare Tues & Thurs at 6pm, bring him home, do the bedtime dance and stay until I return between 8 & 9:30 pm.

Also might need someone who can come over every Tues am early and drive him to school.

If you can can commit to evenings plus morning that would be amazing, trying to keep this big transition as easy as possible for my son.

We are lovers of nature, animals, healthy whole food, trains, bedtime stories, clear communication and music... looking for someone who can commit solidly, who is open minded, fun, gentle, and nourished by hanging with little ones..

text or email is best, looking for someone immediately, please forward this to people you know who might be perfect.

thank you!

m. 617.455.8281