While urgently seeking a termite exterminator using a non-poisonous, highly effective product, I found XT-2000, which is 95% d-limonene, harmless to humans, lethal to termites, penetrating and long-lasting, the stuff that does the job. You don't have to leave your home. Usually doesn't require tenting. Fantastic news! Unfortunately for me, the supplier will only sell it to people who have been trained to use it commercially. There are no such people between Bodega Bay and Gualala on the coast, which is where I live. The Hitmen in Santa Rosa offer it, but won't come this far out. I briefly considered taking this on myself, since there is no competition and I supposed there'd be plenty of others with termites, but at my age (73) I told myself to be realistic.

HOWEVER! This would be a pretty good thing to get into, and it would be a real service for people on the coast. If anyone reading this would like more information let me know. Soon! I'll be your first customer!