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    ZERO EMISSION Lawn & Landscape Care?!

    Hello, my name is Steven, and I would like to introduce myself to my fellow West County residents.

    I have been an electric vehicle designer and developer in Sebastopol since the late 1900's.

    Since then, virtually every auto manufacturer currently offers an electric vehicle option. The demand for clean, efficient electric vehicles is finally being met.

    I feel as if my effort in that field was a success, and it is time to move on to find the solution/alternative/replacement for the next, most obnoxious emission-spewing engine known to all animal kind -- the 2-stroke string trimmer and blower!

    I have designed a solar powered trailer that charges batteries, which run cordless landscaping tools, like mowers string trimmers and blowers ..even chainsaws!

    These tools are amazing ..they totally rival their pollution-spewing counterparts. Pound for pound, more powerful, with less than half the noise level and ZERO climate-changing emissions!
    Oh yes, and your lawns, flowers, fruits and veggies will thank you, too!

    I would like to roll this service out in Sebastopol exclusively at this point, and I hope to expand further out into West County in the Spring and Summer.

    I am hoping to find constructive criticism on this project, so please feel free to share your thoughts and insights.

    Many thanks, -S
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