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    New FACEBOOK RESOURCE for CAT Guardians

    I just developed this page, so there would be one place people could go to to find what they need, and share what they know about cats. I realize there are many, many websites and Facebook pages with cat stuff. But in spite of all that's out there, I've found that when I've shared some of the "difficult truths" that I discovered in my journey to help my own cat with her health issues, people have shown shock and dis-belief.

    I can continue to share one on one, and in posts on various sites, but something moved me to create this page. This is a free resource, but eventually I may become an affiliate for certain "trustworthy" products that contribute to the well-being of cats.

    This is a serious endeavor for me, and hopefully I'll be able to continue it for as long as I'm alive, and able. I cannot imagine a time in my future life when I would no longer care about cats.

    I welcome your comments, concerns, questions, stories, photos and anything cat related on the page.

    See new FACEBOOK page: CAT Advocate~

    Ask a question, Share resources/referrals, vet experiences, food reactions, drug reactions, and just about anything CAT related.
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