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    Woman Seeking Home or House sits after July 15

    Hello Dear Community,

    Last Month ( June 10th I had to move out of my home in Fairfax because the owners have put it on the Market. I now find myself in a group of probably hundreds of people looking for homes to rent in Marin which is scary on some level. I am praying that the right situation to show up for me. Calling in the Angels!!

    A little about me. My name is Christina I am 33 yr old woman. I have lived in Marin since 2012 and I love it here. I have a private practice as a Massage Therapist/Craniosacral Therapist and Birth Doula. I am interested in creating conscious and healthy home environments. I would love a place that supports my self-care around food and my need for more restful, peacefully home with now drugs or alcohol. I am a Healthy Omnivore and Gluten and Dairy free diet. also I am somewhat Electro Sensitive meaning I don't like wifi and prefer setting up my living situation for Ethernet because the radiation doesn't feel good on my body. My interest include, Stillness, Creating Art, Relaxing Music, Somatic Practices, Spirituality, Grounding, cuddling, being with Community, Nature, Being, Expressing, Authentic Relationships, napping, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Babies, animals, Continuum movement, Dancing, Breathing, Flowing, Hiking, Nature, Creating structure and Balance please reply to me here or via this email [email protected]

    My price range is $700-$1000.What I am looking for:
    Option 1: Detached Studio in San Anselmo, Ross, Fairfax or West Marin.

    Option 2: I am looking to live in caring conscious community and because I am Electro sensitive I am would be looking for a community home that has no-wifi or could be set up on Ethernet.

    Option 3: Housesits in Marin!! Please send them my way.
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
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    Cathy Swanson's Avatar
    Cathy Swanson

    Re: Woman Seeking Home or House sits after July 15

    Come to our meeting at Sebastopol's Sunday Farmer's Market, 11:30AM, 7/19/2015. We will be on the lawn, in the shade till 12:30 or 1PM. We will discuss acquiring property to share for affordable housing. 230-9747
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