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    CalSTRS Rally! -- June 12 -- Put it on your calendar!

    The 350 Sonoma County divestment team is rallying before the
    CalSTRS (California Teachers’ Retirement System) investment committee meeting in Sacramento, Friday, June 12.

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    In previous CalSTRS meetings, we have urged the committee to divest their billions from fossil fuels, but they are not listening!
    We need a strong presence on June 12 to show them that there is a growing public outcry against their continued investment in fossil fuels. Lots of people need to participate. Please come! Bring your friends! Spread the word!

    We are looking for TWENTY people to volunteer to find 5 people to attend the rally. This could include yourself plus 4 others. Can you attend? Can you bring four others? Can you spread the word?

    We know it's a tall order on a Friday morning. But
    we've got EIGHT already from our own 350 Sonoma County. All have committed to attending and bringing four others. Fossil Free California has also committed to helping get numbers to the rally. We've even got a teacher who drove all the way from Los Angeles to Sacramento to attend the April CalSTRS meeting! He has committed to bringing a few more people from Southern California to the meeting in June! Will you stand with us to commit to outreach for climate action? Can we count you in?


    * We are putting up flyers at Santa Rosa JC and around Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.

    * We can put flyers up at Sonoma State. Finals end May 15 so we need to put flyers up this week!

    * Talk to any local teachers you know. If you don't know any, talk to friends with kids who could put you in touch with teachers in the area who might be interested.

    * We will reach out to Sierra Club.

    * Other local environmental groups

    We need to get the word out to teachers, professors and divestment supporters.

    Can you take on one of these tasks?
    Join the fastest growing divestment movement in history!

    To get involved, and if you have any contacts in Sacramento who support divestment from fossil fuels, please fill out the sign-up form.

    ​Sign-Up Form:

    ​Questions: Contact Jane at [email protected] .

    Are you in for climate action? HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

    *** 350ppm *** 350ppm *** 350ppm *** 350ppm *** 350ppm ***

    Join to lower worldwide carbon emissions from 390+ ppm to a safe 350 ppm (parts per million)!

    *** 350ppm *** 350ppm *** 350ppm *** 350ppm *** 350ppm ***

    Last edited by 350kitty; 05-19-2015 at 02:48 AM. Reason: changes to contact info
    *** 350ppm *** 350ppm *** Food as Climate Action: Do it now - For everyone you love! *** 350ppm *** 350ppm ***
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