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    Floxie Pets: Do you know if your Cat been harmed by Fluroquinolone Antibiotics?

    Floxie Pets: Do you know if your Cat been harmed by Fluroquinolone Antibiotics?
    by Ruth Youn on

    "I recently had the good fortune to speak over the phone with Lisa Bloomquist, creator of the website Regulars to PoC ( will remember that I was floxed in February of this year. Being floxed is just another way to say that you have been poisoned by a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. As I have gradually returned to health, I have been haunted by the thought that the hell I went through could be something animals are enduring, could be something my precious Monty might endure.

    It turns out the same thoughts occurred to Lisa, who first created the website after being floxed in 2011. Lisa has now fully healed, but created floxiehope to help those still suffering from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome. Like me, she found comfort in her feline companion during her long journey back to health. She found herself watching her cat Rickie (see photo above) jumping all over and imagined what it would be like if his tendons were weakened. She allows Rickie free access to countertops and says, “I look at those springy hind legs and I know it would devastate him.” So she has recently added a new website dealing specifically with stories of pets harmed by fluoroquinolone antibiotics.

    These drugs are routinely given to farm animals. Animal testing is done using these drugs resulting in terrible side effects, such as lameness in puppies. But the horror does not stop there, because your cat could very easily experience the effects of fluoroquinolone toxicity if your vet prescribes any of these drugs: Baytril, Floxasol or Advocin. It is best to question any drug given to determine that it is not a quinolone or fluoroquinolone, because they all can have damaging side effects. Drug names can change and new ones can be added. Be sure to ask what class the drug is in, especially if you know it to be an antibiotic.

    Continues at
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