Conservatives Really Hate America
brooklynbadboy, Apr 20, 2015

Published through the, Daily Kos

We had visitors in from the Midwest (Kansas City) this weekend, folks we hadn't seen in many years. This was their first trip to New York and they wanted to do touristy things, which was fine. Now we almost never find ourselves in Times Square and do not go to the City all that often. However, being hosts, we didn't mind doing things I would generally never even think of doing. Like going to Top of the Rock.

It was all rather eventful for them, and I and the missus of course beamed with understated pride as our friends marveled at our mighty City. Of course there were lots of tourists. But what was really crazy was overhearing a couple of obviously American males from somewhere say something to the effect of they 'couldn't understand how Americans could live here.' That and that it’s 'not a good place to raise your kids.' 'Nobody speaks English. 'And too top it all off something about high taxes and liberals.

Now I held my tongue and didn't tell them what I was thinking, which basically amounted to get the fuck out. But after we were back downstairs I told me friends that he sounded just like a Republican. To wit they responded they knew the type well and my one friend made it clear: ‘I’m proud of having a city like this in America. But they hate America. They like the symbols of America, but not actual America.'

So true. Conservatives love the symbols. The flag. The military parades. The bald eagle. But actual America, its people and the things they do, they hate those things. They don't want to see gay people making art, or black people making music, or Jewish people making literature. Those things are liberal, alien, and foreign. Not America. But to me, these things are what makes America what it is. Including them and their backward, provincial ways. I love all of it, including the parts I'd rather flyover than visit. I'd never call them un-American just for being who they are. Yet Conservatives feel like if you aren't exactly like them, you don't get to be a part of it. Symbols of America matter more than its people.

Yes, Conservatives, America is also big city, high taxes, people of all nations of the world, and yes, even liberals. It’s really a shame you hate it.