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    Timothy Gega

    My Hopscotch Valentine

    My Hopscotch Valentine

    I was skipping along the sidewalk one day while whistling all alone,
    When to my surprise behind me I heard a whistle of another tone.
    Following in my footprints a fair haired girl I surprisingly did see
    who was mirroring my footsteps hopscotching right behind me.
    She must have seen me come around this sidewalk once before
    or peeked at me from a distance hiding behind her own front door.

    I played it cool and just went on skipping
    until one bad day a toe-stub sent me tripping.
    She tapped my shoulder and asked me to play,
    But I said, “No-no-no thank you that’s ok.”
    I pushed her away and off I ran,
    choosing rather instead to play kick the can.
    Spring, summer and fall had all come and they went
    A decade has passed and my time growing was well spent
    and I soon matured up to become one worthy gent.

    One Christmas day it was during the drought
    when not a drop of snow was found lying about.
    I saw that girl again playing hopscotch on the walk
    and decided to go up to her and reciprocate our talk.
    And there she was to my big surprise
    a beautiful woman grown up to be gentle and wise.

    She tossed her charm over into a square
    but it landed in the gutter far away over there.
    I said, “Here you go dear, won’t you please take mine,”
    and dropped a little something about the size of a dime.
    A diamond ring in her open palm she did find
    as I fell to my knees before and asked her,
    “Sweetheart, will you Please be mine?”

    A smile grew from ear to ear and from her red lips I did joyously hear,
    “Of course I will be yours, and you can be mine, each other’s forever Valentine.”
    We skipped along and talked some more
    until Cupid came along and opened Love’s Door.
    From that day on she will always be mine,
    my pretty little Hopscotch Valentine.

    ©2014 Tim Gega Emotional Awareness & Literacy
    - Suicide Prevention Since 1986 -
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