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    Become a Community Radio Show Host on KOWS 107.3fm. No experience needed, easy training.

    Become a Community Radio Show Host on all-volunteer KOWS 107.3fm, broadcasting 24/7/365 from beautiful downtown Occidental for eight years. No experience needed. Just a couple of hours of training and you can be on the air speaking to the West County, and the world, streaming at our website
    Choose a time slot, day, and frequency of show, depending on availability, that best fits your lifestyle. No age limits.

    What public issues are you passionate about? What type of music and other Arts would you like to play or discuss? You can spin music, invite local musicians to play live in the studio, or interview guests in the studio or by phone anywhere in the world. Learn new skills that can enhance your career path. Meet and enjoy the 70 other show hosts.

    To properly represent all areas of our community, KOWS need hosts in these areas: Bilingual, ethnic music, specialty music genres, comedy, kids, schools, alternative health practices, modern music, classical, poetry, radio plays, local sports, environment, wine, gardening, local subcultures, and agriculture.

    An early morning type? Try a drive-time slot. If midnight is your thing, play some good music for other night owls.

    Send an email to Don at [email protected] or call 707-874-9090 with any questions, or just download and submit an application from our website.
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