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Thread: A Tree Of Life
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    Timothy Gega

    A Tree Of Life



    Of Life.

    All we need is

    The Air that we breathe

    And to love our Sacred Ancient Trees.

    Everything that we exhale, the Trees inhale.

    And, everything that our Trees exhale, we inhale.

    Without our forest of Trees, we could not breathe.

    They say that our ancestors lived up in the trees

    once upon a time and it was where we’d play

    swinging happily along from vine to vine.






    and Chairs

    Without our Trees

    Oxygen wouldn’t be there.

    They are the cool shade when

    the sun becomes too hot to bare.

    Trees are the lungs for our Waters.

    The trees are the fabric of our earth’s crust.

    Be good to our trees and show them your care.

    Trees are planted as Living Memorials for births or deaths.

    They represented the fourfold nature of a symbolic axis connecting

    the planes of the Underworld and the sky with that of the terrestrial world.


    ©2012 Tim Gega


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