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    Timothy Gega

    The Enchanted Garden

    The Enchanted Garden

    “Three Vultures and a Crow,” said the Butterfly to me,

    “If that’s not a sign then what else do you think it could possibly be?”

    Next thing I know there came along a flittering Dragonfly.

    He said, “Just buzzed into your garden today to give you all a Hi five.”

    I was sitting there in my circle just as calm as one can be

    when Hummingbird came along and fanned her wings right in front of me.

    I said, “As you can see little one, that I am here doing quite well,

    And as for what this omen is to be, I cannot begin to tell.”

    She said, “Something big is going to happen and will happen very soon,

    I’m sure you’ll be most delighted and be heels over the moon.”

    My heart leapt up with joy over this fantastic news oracle

    to see something manifest for me that would be wonderfully historical.

    The Wild Iris then said, “Just be patient now and to give it all some time.”

    So as I was waiting there most expectantly I decided to spell out this little rhyme.

    Next thing I know the tree leaned down and spoke these words to me,

    “With your prose here my friend don’t be stingy now, don’t seek economy.”

    “You’re writing on my soul, so just let your thoughts fly free.”

    I said to the Fig, “Now Figgy my dear, what do you think of that?”

    The Fig said, “Just for you my friend, I’ll remove my old figgy hat.”

    I looked over to the Chocolate Rose and asked,

    “Rose, What do you think is going on?”

    She said, “Keep on waiting patiently until the early break of dawn.”

    So then the rock whispered up in a voice very softly to astound,

    “Keep your head up high and your feet planted firmly on the ground

    when all this magic that you get begins to come back around.”

    The Jasmine then spoke up as she released her scented sweet perfume,

    “In your heart you know you had better try to make some extra room.”

    And, next thing I know my little sweetheart did suddenly appear.

    I whispered soft I love yous and sweet nothings into her ear.

    She said, “That’s so sweet of you for me to hear you say.”

    “You make life so delightful in the most unusual way.”

    We all stirred inside this enchanted circle as we watched the sun go down

    and next thing that we know the moon came up so big, so bright and round.

    The lavender moon then glowingly intimated to us,

    “Come everyone dance and play with me, It’s in the air,

    it’s coming soon, but you’ll have to wait and see,” as Arbutus gave out

    her tasty treats while Mr. Woodpecker hammered out his 4/4 beats.

    The fountain then gurgled into life as its water spouts took over the show.

    They said, “Hey look here now, into this enchanted garden we will flow.”

    This magical moment here was such a very nice and sweet surprise

    to see the warm glowing lights twinkle in my lover’s beautiful eyes.

    So we danced all night as we sang a song while floating in the air

    in this magical enchanted garden we didn’t have a worldly care.

    We sat back into this luxury as we all held our collective breaths

    as our magical friends in this enchanted paradise showed us

    that we are all truly blessed.

    ©2014 Tim Gega
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