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    Timothy Gega

    Crosswalk Dreams

    One fine day I think I may have been asleep.
    I was minding my own business just crossing the street.
    I dreamed I was run over by a dark Cherokee Jeep.

    I fell to the ground but I wasn’t really hurt.
    I had to see this driver wearing a very short skirt.
    She batted her eyelashes like most women do.
    What a sight she was and my eyes were glued.

    As I was lying there I faked a cough.
    Then pretended to faint and then nodded off.
    I stopped my breath and held onto my chest.
    And there she did what she does best.

    I felt her lips press on top of mine.
    Giving mouth to mouth she was so darned kind.
    I faked it a little longer but then I found.
    My tongue inside her rolling round.

    She got all excited and jumped far away.
    She got into that darned Jeep and has been drivin’ since that day.
    I called out her name so many times.
    Come back, come back, but she only waved bye-bye.

    As I stood inside that crosswalk dreamin’ and in my heart it did sigh:
    “Hit me again Honey, Hit me again, any-any time now, bye-bye.”

    I still couldn’t tell that day if I was half-awake or half-asleep.

    ©2014 Tim Gega
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