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Thread: A Golden Light
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    Timothy Gega

    A Golden Light

    A Golden Light

    This Golden Valley is filled with variegated greens

    Where lawns are kept mowed and all the flowers sing.

    The sky is always yellow and blue from the pleasant day’s sun

    This Golden Light was made for every child to play in and to run.

    And where the trees are growing up tall and perfectly high

    And laughter is heard echoing from all the people passing by.

    To laugh and to smell the daisies all day long

    And to chase Butterflies or join together in a happy song.

    To think and dream in yellows, blues and greens

    And in the beauty in their own life not found in any dreams.

    To live without alienation by humiliation or with a single tear

    Where only kindly words are spoken in this valley

    And is all they will ever hear.

    ©2014 Tim Gega
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