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    Timothy Gega

    The Reactive Mind

    The Hijacked Amygdala

    The reactive mind is always searching for all the tricks of the trade.
    Its web grows larger as inquiries go deeper with every false promise made.
    Itís quick to react in split-seconds of time and cares even less if itís real or if it rhymes.
    Itís not here to think or choose right from wrong and its only job is to move you quickly along.
    It wants to find answers that deeper meanings may hold for every myth and fable still yet to unfold.
    But disappointments rule it when every story schooled to it is proffered with a promised foolís gold.
    Those dreamcatcherís webs hold such powerful lies of pretend fairies and gods who inhabit the skies.
    The truth is so simple not conjured in memes but such are the mysteries behind many corrupt schemes.
    Herein lies intent of the old plagiarizerís game when disappointment and hopelessness all end up the same.
    With quotes and illusions all offered as truths, these gamers and frauds have robbed all of our youth.
    Repelling such wisdom does not draw one too near but is truly a mirror reflecting your inward fear.
    So please check your ego and give it a rest since weíre all connected and life aint no test.
    Donít make me any promises and I wonít tell you any lies,
    only truths will be found in a memory that is strong and wise.
    Quit demanding perfection from others you know for in the end
    Karma will prove that you will reap what you sow.
    The mind is an organ that needs constant rest
    but works overwhelmingly hard when
    reconciling too many false-positive Tests.
    Thereís only one answer, one magical twist,
    that unexamined fears inside still does exists.
    Just give others some comfort is all that we ask
    and keep this life easy and not an arduous task.
    So letís keep life simple and be honest for once
    Ďcuz when the mind backfires the next time
    you may be the dunce.

    ©2014 Tim Gega - Emotional & Spiritual Awareness
    ©2014 Tim Gega - Suicide Prevention Since 1986 - Emotional Awareness & Literacy

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