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    horse/animal lover, artist, designer, MBA - help 4 exchange -housing &/or art storage

    horse/animal lover, artist & designer with MBA can help out for free exchange
    I was housesitting for 6 weeks in Sebastopol until April 11. I stayed on to rent a room from the woman I was housesitting for, because she was so happy with how well I took care of her vegetable gardens and cats. I can stay here as long as I like... renting, but frankly would prefer a housesitting situation, so that I can save to put money down to buy a home. I moved to the area from southern Indiana in November, initially staying with new friends.

    I am also looking for space for my artwork, but this can be a separate exchange. It could be a barn, a garage, or any other space. It does not necessarily need to be a place where I'd work, just store or hang, so I can ship my art work here so I can show in galleries and have available for sale.

    Regarding a house sitting arrangement:

    Do you need assistance with your business, your home or your horses part-time?

    I am a mature and responsible 43 yr old with no children or pets. I lead a very healthy lifestyle, eating mostly organic, doing yoga, and leisure hikes. I am very responsible and dependable. I don't party, smoke or do drugs. I am a commission-based fine artist (meaning I don't need to paint or build works on your property) and designer with an international MBA in Creativity Management. I can provide excellent references. And, I have a 4Runner and a clean driving record.

    Do you have a vacation home that needs to be cared for or a house you'd like to sell that you'd like to have staged and be lived in and shown to potential buyers? I am a great candidate. I've curated many galleries and decorated and accented rooms. I can provide references.

    Do you have a guest house and just need a little extra part-time help?

    Do you have an elder parent who is very independent, but you wish someone were around just in case they need someone? I am a warm, helpful person who enjoys others, especially when they have wisdom to share. Are you an elderly couple or elderly independent human and need help with errands or being driven to appointments?

    I would love to live in Woodacre or rural Fairfax or nearby. A house or guest house on a horse farm or ample land with abundant nature is my dream.

    I love animals. I am great with animals big and small. I've ridden horses since age 4, both English and Western, and rode English on my college equestrian team. I used to take my cat hiking in Sedona. I've had many varieties of pets throughout my life as well as taken care of other's pets. Mine have all passed on, each living long lives.
    I am great with dogs and cats, whether a Maltese or Doberman, Siamese or Nebelung. I have experience with birds that have been allowed in and out of their cages. I've repaired wings and helped save baby hawks by shooting lizards with a BB gun to feed them. I've also owned and taken care of snakes from garden through python, as well as many varieties of rodent pets. Animals seem to like me back, which is a great joy.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    key words: caretaker, house sitter, housesitting, plant care, pet care, dog walking, staging service
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