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    Maria Owl's Avatar
    Maria Owl

    Are you struggling to get pregnant? Would you be willing to be Interviewed?

    Are you a woman who has been struggling to get pregnant with your male partner and it hasn't happened yet?

    I am a holistic healer who has had some success in helping women clear emotional, psychic and energetic blocks that have caused infertility issues, especially after multiple miscarriages.

    Right now I am deepening my knowledge around women with this issue so I can better support and help them reach their goals of pregnancy and motherhood.

    Would you be willing to assist me in my research? I am looking for 10 women willing to go through a succinct interviewing process.

    **Your identity will be kept anonymous and your story will not be published.

    I can be contacted at: Maria Owl Gutierrez 415-686-9238 or [email protected]

    Thank you for helping me to help women like you!! And maybe you too!!

    Paz y Luz,
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