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    FluorideFree SoCo

    Would you like a shot of industrial waste in your latte?

    Fluoride-Free Sonoma County will be helping with a water fluoridation awareness and education table at the Earth Day festival in Santa Rosa. We need to raise funds to pay for materials and possibly to rent a shade structure or umbrella. (The tabling area is on unshaded asphalt, so it can get quite unpleasant without a source of shade.) If you have an "easy up" type tent or large umbrella we could use, that would be immensely helpful. Of course we also have the ongoing expense of hosting for our website located at

    Putting industrial waste in our water and environment is a foolish idea. Fluorides are a toxic and biologically active group of substances. They should never be used in an indiscriminate fashion regardless of their source.

    Help us keep fluoridation chemicals out of our water and your caffe latte. Skip one fancy coffee drink this week and donate that $5 to us instead using our donation page at

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