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    News from the Damned Fool


    Like half the world's billions, we publish a weekly blog that offers commentary or rants or enlightenments from myself, from my mate Elizabeth, and from our joint alter ego, the Fool, who escapes long enough from our current work on King Lear to impart his own views on current events. It occurred to me that some of these might be appropriate to Wacco.

    If you'd like to follow it regularly, along with our own thoughts as well, visit and hit "Follow." I should mention that the Fool's opinions are entirely his own and do not represent the views of this station, its sponsors, or anyone else I know.


    Hubble Telescope Has Possibly Found Oldest Object Ever Seen
    So the big news is, they saw the oldest thing. With a telescope. A bunch of stars that’s 13 billion years old. That’s close to when the universe was invented by God or whoever.

    It was hard to see, being all black. Nobody ever saw it before, or even now. The snapshots are all black on black, but I guess the black all piles up.

    The reason they could see it was, they all got good grades in math. Me, I stopped at the multiplication tables. Those things went on and on, just kept multiplying till I said, “Lemme outta here!” But these guys, they multiplied all the way up to 13 billion years. That’s really back in the old days.

    Question is, what do they do with it now? If they found it, I guess they own it, so they can maybe sell it off. If they can prove it’s there. But they might snag their ass on the question marks.

    Definitely it was there 13 billion years ago, burbling and twinkling and zapping out cosmic hoo-hah. But what about now? What if, a billion years later, it all went up in smoke? Caveat emptor, it says in the Bible or something. Meaning, You’re screwed.

    Best market might be Wall Street, where they buy and sell stuff nobody can see except when they do the numbers. A whole incredible galaxy of real estate, mineral rights, solar energy, vacation hideaways, and antique furniture.

    Belief. That’s all it takes.

    - The Fool
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