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    Skg: M-L, fem dog for Service Dog training - and fun! :)

    Hi. I hope it's okay to post here. Because I'm not going to buy a dog, and am only looking for a re-home or rescue, and I'm looking for a live creature, I wasn't sure that the 'sale' section was right. And hopefully, the more people see this, the more people will keep their eyes open. But feel free to change the section it appears in if you want to. Thanks! Hari

    Hi there. I am looking for a very special young adult dog - preferably an owner-surrender (NO breeders or puppies pls) - to start training to be my service dog. Because she will be a service dog, I need specific traits/temperament - because I want the dog to be able to do the work (and play), and be happy with this kind of life. Many, many dogs - in fact most love, Love working - but some don't. ;) Please be reassured that I will love this dog SO much, and she will have more time being a 'regular beloved companion' than 'working in her vest'. She will be trained specifically to alert to panic attacks and ptsd, and will be a companion camping, swimming, walking - so here is a 'profile' of the dog I need:
    -Female (tmi to explain - necessary)
    Short-haired, or not needing a lot of grooming (lab-shepherdy)
    NOT blond. I know, that sounds weird. It is weird, not gonna lie. But, I am blond and I'm going to be moving to Oakland - and really........I don't want to be a poster child for gentrification.
    1-3 years old
    medium/large (> 40 lbs)
    Very stable personality
    No aggression towards dogs, cats, people
    Confident vs. shy
    Empathetic vs. aloof
    Cuddle bug
    Excited about training. Learning is fun! And it means treats! :)
    Sociable (she'll be going to cafes, restaurants)
    Flexible - able to be calm in the apt, but energetic when we go to the beach and the dog park.
    Friendly to everyone
    Calm. Not always. But in the house.
    Happy and silly/goofy
    Healthy! <3

    I am a fairly active, but disabled woman in my 40s. I would be training the dog to alert to panic attacks, nightmares, and to do tasks that assist me. I'd also, as I said, be her best friend - and we would go swimming in rivers, camping, hiking (while I don't want a scary looking dog, because that creates problems for public access, I *do* want a dog that might make me feel safer walking in the hills alone). I'm fairly social, bubbly and outgoing - so the dog would be accompanying me to cafes, etc.

    I've been looking for 'the right' dog for a long time. I've been an animal welfare person for my entire life, and will Not get a dog from a breeder or buy one - and after a lot of thinking decided maybe someone out there has a really good dog, either at home or at a rescue facility, and is hoping to find a post like *mine* - and will be happy to know that their dog is going to have a good new parent/bestie. I can even send you pics and updates about her if you'd like to stay in her life!

    If you are having to let go of a dog, and think she might be a good fit given what I've described, I'd love to hear from you and see pictures/videos.

    Thanks so much for reading! Oh, and anywhere within 100 miles is fine - or more, of course, if she's great. Again, thank you!
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