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    Seeking One Female Pianist, One Female Percussionist & One Female Bassist

    One Female Alto Rhythm Guitarist and One Female Tenor Vocalist Seeking Pianist, Percussionist and Bassist to form an all girl band. We are looking for easy going, versatile, open to growth, ambitious and reliable. We are starting from scratch so patience is very important.

    The female guitarist is 28 and has played the guitar and sung for 8 years and is currently taking violin lessons. She has taken guitar lessons before on and off since she started playing. Voice has been self-taught.

    The female tenor vocalist is 24 and has been singing since elementary school in choirs, in a band, and in an advanced choir for 2 years. She has had training in vocal lessons for a year and self-taught since. She is currently learning how to play the guitar.

    We are interested in folk, jazzy, blues , country and rock music.
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