Anyone interested in reading and possibly reviewing sci-fi based on topics near and dear to this Forum's heart: multiple timelines/multiverse, Buddhist meditation practices, psi as science, aliens and Earth's animals in communication with humans, space travel, more? Series is written by a former North Bay resident and Waccobb member, set in a fictional Sebastopol ("Kirov")?

New sci-fi ebook, This Changes Everything, Volume I of the The Spanners Series, coming out this fall that includes these topics and more in semi-fictional ways! Check out excerpts on its FB page (The Spanners Serie
s by Sally Ember) or check out my website,, for my blogs about meditation and other topics and excerpts, news about pre-orders (@$1.99, 11/5-12/19) and 12/20(@$3.99) release date. Sales via Smashwords dot com on that site as well as iBooks, nook and Kobo for pre-orders, then Kindle and other retailers after it is released.

I welcome physicists, anthropologists, biologists, meditators and others viewing this to respond about its content regarding the above topics,in particular. If any of you happens to be a book reviewer, I'd love a review.

I would provide free downloads to interested readers, special through Waccobb membership only. Contact me! s[email protected] or through my website (above) or Facebook (Sally Sue Fleischmann Ember).

Best to you all!