Alva Sound Art Studio was founded by me, Nicholas Alva, as a creative and business entity for original works in theater, music, dance and other art forms. Collaboration is the main focus second only to creating beautiful and positive works of art and having these produced, performed and/or recorded. Primarily Alva Sound Art Studio has been the organization for producing my works. As such two original theatrical pieces have achieved a level of success in Sonoma County and emerging performances in Berkeley which allow for (and actually call for) continuing performances of these pieces in larger and larger venues and contexts throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. These works have had sold out shows; great reviews and press; and wonderful extremely positive responses from audiences. The first piece being “MorningStar – a Play with Music and Dance” about Lou Gottlieb and the Morning Star Ranch Commune in Occidental California during the late 1960s and into the early 1970s. The second piece is “The Story Brother Sun Sister Moon” which features the songs of Donovan. Details on these pieces can be seen at

It is time to take this body of work to the next level of performances. And so it is time to expand the business side of Alva Sound Art Studio by seeking out a person who will take the lead in business management and publicity, in a collaborative manner. I will be very supportive of the person in this position and will work with this person as needed. I have not yet reached the peak of creative endeavors, both in new works and in continuing established pieces of works; however, I have reached the ceiling of managing the business side of projects. I am looking for someone whose genius and passion is performance management, booking and publicity. The work need not be exclusively for my pieces, but by mutual consent and following the advice of the business partner, other artists and performance opportunities can be incorporated into Alva Sound Art Studio thereby creating more potential. Pay can be negotiated. A plus is that this expansion goes into affect with two theater works that are successful and burgeoning. This makes the next steps easier and viable. Also each piece has options in being performed in very low cost ways which do not compromise the works as beautiful and positive pieces. This adds to the financial soundness and possibilities.

Alva Sound Art Studio’s main performance group at this time is “The Story Orchestra.”

The work will begin on what may seem to be a small scale, however, it will be continuing on an already successful beginning. The degree of growth and success will depend upon what we aim for and what we work at. Feel free to contact me at [email protected], or at 707-795-3545.