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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish!

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    Ray Tuley's Avatar
    Ray Tuley

    Homeless in Sonoma County, and doing the best I can

    Greetings again,
    Having made the transition into homelessness, and not enjoying the experience too much, I am still grateful, though I am once again forced to ask for things I need. Though I do not like to count on others' generosity, I really have no other choice at the present. That being said, hereís my situation: thanks to the generosity of a few members of the conscience community, I now have a tent, backpack sleeping bag and a trailer to tow behind my bike. I have found a piece of property in the hills outside of Guerneville, and have been given permission to camp there. Since it appears to be safe from thieves (so far), I would like to make it a little more comfortable.

    If anyone has the following items that they donít need and could donate them, I would greatly appreciate it.

    1) A shikibuton This is what Iím told that a tri-fold matress is called. This alone would greatly improve things for my back, and is light enough for me to pack up the mountain.

    2) A pair of menís hiking boots size 11 1/2 or 12, and socks - I have 2 pair that are rapidly wearing out. Iím camped on a mountain and have to hike up to get to my camp, and tennis shoes are really difficult to climb over steep, loose terrain in.

    3) A solar shower, which would be a godsend right now,

    4) a white gas or propane cookstove, and lantern, and maybe one of those little fold up camping shovels.

    5) Last, if anyone has a container of some sort, like maybe a free standing metal cabinet, that I could secure to a tree or something and put my few remaining valuables in and lock it up, that would be great.

    As I said before, itís not easy for me to ask, but being a 59 year old person with disabilities and no income is even less easy, so.... I do not have any transportation other than my bike but if you have any of these items and can part with them and are perhaps passing through Guerneville, I can meet you if you give me a couple dayís advance notice. Thank you for reading, responding, and helping. Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.
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