As many of you know, the Sonoma County Solidarity Network is organizing with the tenants of the Hotel Petaluma (the only remaining Single-Room Occupancy (SRO) hotel in our town), which is being evicted for good on April 15th. The ad-hoc "Hotel Petaluma Tenants Committee" is working with the 20 or so remaining residents as well as several former tenants to delay or stop the eviction, or win re-location assistance for those being evicted. We held a large Public Meeting last week, where we formulated a plan to win this campaign. Below are a list of ways you can help us meet our demands, and ensure that the tenants of the Hotel Petaluma will not merely be thrown out onto the streets.
Please share this with friends and family, and join us at our upcoming actions and events!
Thanks again! Together we are strong. Together we will win.
For more information on this campaign, check out:
1.) “Like” us on Facebook and join us on Twitter! Twitter: @HotelPetaluma
2.) Come to our press conference at City Hall, Monday April 1st @ 5pm, and then join us as we bring our message to the City Council meeting at 7pm that same night.
3.) Join our street team! Send an email to [email protected] if you would like to help us put up posters, pass out flyers, make phone calls, or visit local businesses and community organizations to promote this campaign!
4.) Write letters to the editor in support of the campaign. Here are some email addresses for local media:
Press Democrat: [email protected]
Argus Courier: [email protected]
5.) Contact the Petaluma City Council and express your support for our demands and ask them use whatever authority they might have to help the tenants of Hotel Petaluma.
Mayor David Glass: [email protected]
Chris Albertson: [email protected]
Teresa Barrett: [email protected]
Mike Harris: [email protected]
Mike Healy: [email protected]
Gabe Kearney: [email protected]
Kathleen Miller: [email protected]com

6.) Come to our Mass March and Rally on Sunday, April 14th at 2pm. We will rally in Penry Park and then march through downtown. Bring signs, noisemakers, drums, and lots of your friends!

7.) Make a phone call to the Hotel Petaluma and tell owner Terence Andrews to stop throwing people out onto the street! This Tuesday we are hoping for a flood of phone calls into the Hotel Petaluma to pressure them to meet the tenants' demands. Please call between 10am and Noon PST. 707-762-4531
8.) Donate to the Sonoma County Solidarity Network to help us keep the campaign going. We are an all-volunteer organization and rely on small donations to fund all of our work. You can donate by making a check out to “Peace and Justice Center of Sonoma County,” with “Solidarity Network in the byline, and mail it to: 467 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa CA. 95401.
9.) Become a member of the Solidarity Network. Send an email with your phone number and mailing address to [email protected] to become a member. If you would like to become an organizer with the Solidarity Network, please attend one of our meetings, currently Thursday nights at 7pm at 1300 N. Dutton Ave in Santa Rosa.
10.) Attend the “Solidarity Network Organizing Training” on Sunday, April 7th to get more familiar with the work we do, how we do it, why we do it, and gain skills to become an organizer of workers and tenants in your community. This training is free and will be held at the Peace and Justice Center (address listed above).