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    Seeking Women for Stage Production (petaluma)

    I'm posting this for a friend. Please respond to her not me.
    Her phone numbers appear at the bottom of this post.


    Seeking women who have lived a life that carries them up and to the point where one or more of these words evokes a strong visceral ( in the deepest part of your femaleness, your female self ) response. Maybe a shriek, moan or gutteral sound from where you cannot name...

    JOIN ME!
    From the producer and director who first brought "Vagina Monologue" to Petaluma (with the help of many fine women!)
    Founding Member of "Red Barn Productions"
    ACT trained actress

    Let's talk, ladies. And from our talk create a united sisterhood of story...our stories, to be performed by all who wish to participate in that aspect of the project. Even if you have no wish to be on stage, come and find a local female family and share your stories. The final production will also entail SINGING, VOCALIZATION, MUSIC AND, there are many ways to participate!! ABSOLUTELY NO ACTING OR SINGING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. We will let the holidays pass before we get serious about getting going, but feel free to contact me now with your interest or questions. P.S. The final production may not end up being about any of the words first listed above!! Whatever is the final outcome that we bring to our community it WILL DEFINITELY SERVE TO UPLIFT, TO ELEVATE US ALL!!!

    Julie Schellin
    707 766 6010 - home
    415 471 0826 - cell
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