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    What do you think God will do with Christopher Hitchen's soul?

    What do you think God will do with Christopher Hitchen's soul?

    I pity the Souls who ignorantly think they are Godless; but resting in peace is doubtful for him. (Though, I imagine he's either laughing, or rolling over in his grave over this post.)

    I'd bet, there's a system for sorting un-bodied Souls, just like our choices as to where we send our trash:

    Some get composted in the soil, enriching the new life which springs forth.

    Some get recycled, and get to serve a new purpose. (Bonus for those with redemption value, available in some states.)

    Some get jammed in the landfill, with every other "godless" Soul. Buried deep, morphing into a toxic soup; which harms our watershed.

    Some are incinerated, reduced to carbon and scattered in the wind, and ending up as
    lifeless dust.

    Personally; I'm aiming for the high standard California has for redemption recycling.

    "God", is perhaps both the "glue", and the DNA coder. Not a Judge, just a Creator, in love with its Creations; even the "Problem Souls".

    I know "God" when I see it; and I see "It" in everything! In you, me, your family & pets, "Nature", cosmos, etc.

    "Evil", is what separates us, from that love. Allowing hate for each other to prevail. Allowing those in control of the rules & resources, to get away with the willful poisoning of everyone's habitat; on this astonishingly remarkable gift of a planet.

    Why; after the priceless gifts of: Souls, bodies, senses, time, Earth and evolution; we continue to support the killing of people to resolve differences, in the name of Defense; I cannot fathom.

    So I work to correct it; in some way large or small, each day. This is my "calling", my "Duty" to this Soul's Life. To protect all the Lives of "God's" "Soul Collection" on this place we call Earth.

    Working to protect "Nature", is really just showing respect for the conditions needed to sustain "Life". By making sure the impacts of the human footprint, do not exceed the planet's capacity to ensure a liveable habitat for our species, in balance with the rest.

    It's incomprehensible to me, to find souls who have so lost their way; they believe that "out-engineering" "God"/natural systems, is a good thing. No thought for short, or long term consequences, of de-valuing Life+Souls, & "natural" resources.

    We determine our value, with every choice we make. Our Soul's fate comes from identifying, honoring, and serving, our values.

    Are you adding 1's, or 0's to your programming code through "Life"? Does your life matter, or just take up space serving only itself; until it melts in the synthetic morass of a landfill?

    We fund our values; that's why there's a problem with the US federal budget.

    Please help me send this message to the minds+hearts+Souls of all our elected officials. And now that the ball is in, Mr. Obama's court, regarding the National DEFENSE Authorization Bill; will you join me in letting him know, as a citizens and stakeholders, we require The President, and Federal Government to:

    De-fund all military operations, which do not have a declaration of war by Congress; which are based on offense, and not defense.

    Return the all members of the National Guard, stationed outside the United States immediately.

    Next, return all troops, contractors, CIA, special agents from all other locations we are occupying, without a legal agreement.

    Let us set a new standard of hitting the re-set button on conflicts, at every change of the season. No individual, army, tribe, group, congregation, city, state, or nation may strike first.

    By calling for all people, countries and communities to declare, and honor a cease fire each solstice; not only the Arabs, not only at Spring; we can save our Souls from the incineration. Spare ourselves from the Karma incurred from taking a life by choice.

    Protecting the Life of all created, is every soul's duty. We lost our way, when we fell into thinking it's only about serving select individuals.

    If we get all our elected officials to value and fund only honorable, core values; our souls may earn redemption points; for using our time and skills to be Lobbyists for PEACE & an inheritable future!

    Occupy your Town Hall & all electeds for PEACE first!

    We can get to resolving the other dysfunctions, and inequities of our DE-evolution after that.

    I'm hedging my bet on my intuition being correct on this. Could be, our future is counting on it.

    No matter what; I'm secure knowing my soul has the power, to channel love from my favorite geeky source coder; AKA, G-O-D.

    If I work well enough at it; I might just figure out a way to resolve all the reasons I've stored up hate for some others. Then I can better re-direct "God's gift of love to more Souls, than I've limited myself to now.

    So grateful for your prayers for my soul, and those who have wounded me to the point of hate. Still have a long, hard way to go towards getting the essential truths told, in my Soul's Life, the national, and the international scale.

    Here's the hope we can build on. If a city like Bell, CA can come clean about it's dirt; so can Washington, DC; so can the folks who caused, and enabled harm to my Life+ Soul, plus my child's Life and her Soul. Also, that of those in our Dept. of DEFENSE, and the Lives+Souls in: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, etc, etc.

    I seek to restore the balance, where harmony is natural for all souls. Your assistance is requested in creating this accord.


    w/PEACE & LOVE,


    Put your Soul's magic to work through the healing art of music:
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