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    Part 2: Radiation Protection and Detox Solutions (Baths and Iodine)

    This is part 2 of a compilation for Radiation Protection and Detox Solutions. (Content was too many characters for one posting.) Please refer to Part 1 in previous posting for whole food, herbal and superfood solutions. Send me an email if you would like to receive entire compilation in an easy to read and print format. Thanks, Melissa


    Epson salt, Baking Soda, Hydrogen Peroxide or Bentonite Clay baths or foot soaks help remove radioactive residues on skin and help to leach out any heavy metals you may have absorbed, but treating the whole body is just as, if not more important.

    Himalayan Bath Salts, Enhanced Health Systems at 707-823-3235, or [email protected] $20 1 kg or /2.2 lbs.


    Nascent Idodine: Thyroid Nascent Iodine Tincture, Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal
    Safe and Effective , also available from
    Thyroid Nascent Iodine is totally different from the typical iodine in its denser state sold as an antiseptic, or as iodine tri-chloride (claiming to be atomized), or as added to potassium iodine to make it safer(such as in the Pill form). Thyroid Nascent Iodine Stimulates the thyroid to do it's job rather than replacing thyroid function.

    EnerG-Iodine, detoxified, ingestable iodine in its ionic/electrolytic/chelated/true colloidal, 99% bio-available state, unparalleled in potentially helping to support and saturate the thyroid for proper functioning. It is not the typical iodine in its denser, less assimilable state sold as an antiseptic, or as iodine trichloride (chlorine is suppressive to the thyroid), or as added to potassium iodide. It is also unlike glandulars or prescriptions containing hormones that take over the thyroid’s job instead of nutritionally building the thyroid to do its own job. And seaweed, seafood, greens, raw sunflower seeds, and iodized salt (chlorinated too!) may not have the levels of assimilable iodine needed to support and saturate the thyroid. EnerG-IodineÓä is sold in 1/2 fluid-ounce bottles, $24.

    KI or potassium iodide or iodate tablets only protect the thyroid gland and do not provide protection from exposure to other radioactive isotopes such as Cesium, Strontium, Uranium, Plutonium. According to research by Ken Miller, health physicist at the Hershey Medical Center, ff KI or KIO3 tablets aren't available, an adult could get a blocking dose of stable iodine by painting 8 ml of a 2 percent tincture of Iodine on the abdomen or forearm approximately 2 hours prior to I-131 contamination. Potassium iodine tablets are best, but if they're not available this is the next best thing.

    Potassium iodide Side Effects - long lists of pretty severe reactions - includes Hyper and Hypo thyroidism in some people, and goiter.

    For Potasium Iodide (KI) health risks and info go to KI CDC page:

    "Adults: Adults older than 40 years should not take KI unless public health or emergency management officials say that contamination with a very large dose of radioactive iodine is expected. Adults older than 40 years have the lowest chance of developing thyroid cancer or thyroid injury after contamination with radioactive iodine. They also have a greater chance of having allergic reactions to KI.

    Dr. David Brownstein who wrote the book: Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It, 4th Edition (available at has info on dosages and using KI.

    Other useful recommendations:
    1. Mediation, Visualization, Gifts and Prayers for Japan
    2. Stay connected to Source in whatever way works for you.
    3. Relax, give thanks, bless your drinking water w light, read, trust all is in perfect order. (We are programmed to heal, but difficult to do so in a state of fear.)
    4. Stay connected to family, friends, community for support, upliftment and staying informed.
    5. Prudent avoidance of EMF’s and RF microwaves – stay away from magnetic fields, wireless devices
    6. Use an AirSource or a few good hepa filters – AirSource removes 98% of airborne particulate in up to 3000 sq ft. (Most other types of air purifiers do not remove particulate)
    7. If situation becomes critical, stay indoors; wear protective clothing and masks; cover vegetable and herb gardens (use agriculture grade zeolite to detox soil).

    · "Fighting Radiation and Chemical Pollutants With Foods, Herbs and Vitamins: Documented Natural Remedies That Boost Your Immunity and Detoxify"; Steven R. Schechter; 1992
    • "Canadian Medical Association Journal"; Studies on Inhibition of Intestinal Absorption of Radioactive Strontium; S.C. Skoryna et al.; June 1964
    • "Yomiuri Shinbun"; Miso Protects Against Radiation; K. Watanabe; July 16, 1990
    Melissa Weaver, Environmental Health Consultant & Educator
    Enhanced Health Systems, C.E.O.
    Center for Sustainable Health
    P.O. Box 1422
    Sebastopol, CA 95473
    (707) 823-3235 or 1 (800) 247-9881
    [email protected]
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    Re: Part 2: Radiation Protection and Detox Solutions (Baths and Iodine)

    ...when i heard of the contamination of tap water in Tokyo, i wondered if the radiation contamination would be lost if the water was distilled... just a thought...

    from the water to the air
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