Here's a warning to people who might consider selling pot here.

Craigslist pot ad leads to pot bust

Craigslist pot ad leads to pot bust - Yahoo! News

QUINCY, Mass. A man has been arrested after he allegedly placed an advertisement on Craigslist selling marijuana. Police said undercover detectives responded to the advertisement and bought a small bag of pot from 30-year-old Christopher Gray for $45.

According to police, Christopher Gray posted the advertisement on the online classified site with the words "420 help is here." The item read "Give me a ring if you need some help," and listed a phone number, which a detective called Friday and arranged for a meeting with Gray in Quincy.
The term "420" is believed to stem from the time of day that smokers at a California high school in 1971 would meet to smoke pot.

A telephone listing for Gray was disconnected and it was unclear if he had an attorney.