Dear Reader. There are many like me, here in the north bay, spiritual folks who are finding themselves without a home of their own. I am 63, highly educated, even known nationally for some of my pioneering work as a healer and educator: and I have been "homeless' for 2 1/2 years. Rather than describe those circumstances, I bend your ear for the purpose of acknowleging the incredible spiritual journey I am on, and how I am learning to "adapt" in many circumstances I could -would - not have, if I had just remained in 3+2 rentals --two of which were sold out from under me in a 3 1/2 year time frame, in an escalating L.A. housing market. I can See, when I am Centered, that my deepest yearing to be a home --hohm -- is being Answered, as I am compelled to create outside of the box each day, my joys, 'in spite of' my seeming losses of home, work, external continuity. My entire "identity" --the forms I have been used to identifying as "me" --is shifting, much as the "economy" is, too. I have acquired skills in finding hearty edibles wild in nature: taking care of others' property in their absences without leaving a footprint; appreciating every kindness shown me, without taking much of anything, any more, for granted. What a Ride. I can glean that what I would call Peace, Joy, enlightenment is nigh: in the surrendering, the letting go of what my "life" looked like --before.

Ohm. Shalom.