This is a channeled message from The Twelve:

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Font in black are comments from me- Ontario aka Frank Kai Ontario, vessel for the Twelve.


It is no doubt that all of you have been feeling the shifts and the acceleration of events and situations in your ever-changing world.

Now something new is occurring that is of great significance.

The tenth chakra above your head is forming out of the three interface chakras [Now the Higher Self divides Spirit to feed the thought body, the love-emotion body and the vital or physical body through the three interface chakras above the head]. The formation of the tenth chakra is the transitioning agent governing the Higher Alignment of an Ascension Body that is forming in you and above you.

It means that as a species you are preparing to evolve into a higher form of consciousness or a new species of human. Although 12/21/2012 has been given as a date when this will be happening the appearance of the new species of human will begin in September of 2009. Births of 1/10 of your population world wide or 700 million babies will enter in full consciousness of the new species. Another 300 million of you will begin to operate in a Greater Awakened State pertaining to the leap to the new species of human beginning in mid 2010. However, all of you will have the opportunity to access the Ascension Body in your own bodies as much as you are able to allow it. This means being able to live in thought, will, emotion, energy, and physically in the expanded present moment. Those of you that choose to come from this place will help others to join you so that the possibility exists that you may transform your Earth into the paradise of your dreams with equal justice and economic freedoms for all that are in your collective memories.

The formation of The Tenth Chakra gives access to The Oneness Factor that has allowed you to elect a leader whose vibration is the first stepping-stone to this paradise. Many of you may be feeling or hearing the formation of the Tenth Chakra as its vibrations are individually and collectively audible.

We will elucidate the functions of the Tenth Chakra soon.

*Interim death is the passing of the spirit out of consciousness to return as a walk-in or into a new baby with its consciousness from the previous existence completely intact.