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    Zeno Swijtink's Avatar
    Zeno Swijtink

    Sonoma County Conservation Action endorsements

    From: "Sonoma County Conservation Action"
    To: "'Sonoma County Conservation Action'"
    Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 16:09:08 -0800

    *Please distribute widely, apologies for duplicates!

    Greetings West Sonoma County Conservation Action Members,

    SCCA Endorsed Candidates need your vote! After voting for Barack Obama (or whomever your choice for President) DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR YOUR LOCAL PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES HERE AT HOME! *

    After lengthy interviews and careful evaluation, SCCA has endorsed a select group of candidates for local office (SEE BELOW). These candidates have past our test of being committed to protecting our environment and working to keep the public’s best interest in mind when making decisions for the city/county they will represent!

    There have been nasty “hit piece” mailers that have been sent out by Berg Holdings and other developer interests dragging Rue’s name through the mud, and it’s critical that we keep in mind who is funding this mail campaign. These are the same people that want to mine gravel from the River, and clear-cut our county’s forests for more grape vineyards.

    5th District Supervisor:

    Rue Furch

    Sebastopol City Council: (Only vote for Two!)

    Kathleen Schaffer
    Jen Thille
    Guy Wilson

    Santa Rosa City Council:

    Michael Allen
    Marsha Vas Dupre
    Gary Wysocky
    David Rosas- 2 year seat

    We urge you to VOTE our endorsed candidates, but there is so much more you can do to help:

    Donate - It is not too late to make a contribution that will help us win tomorrow! SCCA can always use your support - our website is

    Volunteer - The candidate campaigns need your help making phone calls and walking precincts. Direct voter contact is the most powerful method of educating voters. Once they know they are endorsed by the SCCA, you usually don't need to say much else!

    Or you can participate in one of SCCA’s volunteer activities today or tomorrow:

    〈******* We’re phone banking for YES on Q Tonight from 5:30PM-8:30PM in Sebastopol at the Frank Howard Allen Realtors, 120 Pleasant Hill N in Sebastopol, Suite 200. Contact Christina to sign up for a volunteer sift at 571-8855 or [email protected]

    〈******* We’ve set up a member-to-member phone bank to call SCCA members to Get Out The Vote, and we can plug you in! Monday at our office in Santa Rosa from 11AM-8:30PM, at 540 Pacific Ave, Santa Rosa 95404. RSVP to [email protected] or call 571-8868. These voters are the most likely to be on our side on all of our endorsements, so it’s critical we mobilize them (us) to the polls!

    〈******* Election Day- We’ll be busy, and will keep you busy! We’ll start at our office at 10AM at 540 Pacific Ave in Santa Rosa, and go all day on various projects. Sign waving is happening at various locations around the county, and Rue’s folks are meeting:

    1.***** Rue Furch’s office in Santa Rosa at 3806 Sebastopol Rd at 11:30AM
    2.***** Rue Furch’s office in Sebastopol at 496 South Main St. at 11:30 AM

    〈******* Call to confirm, come wave a flag/sign, rally people to the polls! There’s no time after 8PM on the 4th, and noone wants to “wish they did more”.

    Yard Signs - Is your house or business in a visible spot? Signs are a great way to let your neighbors know whom to vote for. Let us know, or contact the candidates directly to get a sign. We have a few signs left, come pick one up and wave it proud!

    Contact these SCCA endorsed candidates today!

    Santa Rosa City Council:

    Michael Allen:, [email protected]
    (Phone banks need volunteers Thursday nights and Sunday days)

    Marsha Vas Dupre:, [email protected], 707-528-7146

    Gary Wysocky:, [email protected]

    David Rosas (two year seat):, [email protected]

    Sonoma County Supervisor:

    Will Pier, 1st District:

    Shirlee Zane 3rd District:

    Rue Furch 5th District:


    Sonoma County Conservation Action

    PS- We’re also Yes on Q, Yes on Prop 1a and Yes on Prop 2!

    Dennis Rosatti
    Sonoma County Conservation Action
    540 Pacific Ave.
    Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    (707) 571-8566 office
    (707) 571-1678 fax
    [email protected]
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    Re: Sonoma County Conservation Action endorsements - Bd of Supes

    1st District voters --
    please, please PLEASE do the county and northern California a huge favor and get rid of Valerie Brown

    We need real people in office who are working in the interest of real people, not professional politicos who are working for someone... but is certainly is not you. If we can get the 3 candidates listed below in office and have a progressive majority on the Board of Supervisors, we can start moving the county in a much better direction.

    [quote=Zeno Swijtink;73930]
    From: "Sonoma County Conservation Action" ...

    Sonoma County Supervisor:

    Will Pier, 1st District:

    Shirlee Zane 3rd District:

    Rue Furch 5th District:

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    Re: Sonoma County Conservation Action endorsements

    SCCA is always the first place I look for a Voting Guide.

    I'd love it if they had recommendations for Props 3 - 12

    Just noticed: There's a city endorsements that I don't see in the email above that currently are on their website:

    From the website as of Nov. 4th at 1am:
    Bob Coleman
    Mike Kurvers
    Janet Orchard
    Rohnert Park
    Jake Mackenzie
    Tim Smith
    Vicki VidakMartinez
    No on L
    David Glass
    Tiffany Renee
    No on K
    Debora Fudge
    Cheryl Scholar
    Mike McGuire
    Tony Pastene
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