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    Free Refrigerator from PG&E for low-income households!

    I waited to post this until I actually got it so I would know it was true. And it came today! PG&E delivered and installed a Free brand new Whirlpool 21 cu. ft. Refrigerator and took my old one away!

    Here's the deal: It's through their Energy Partners program which provides which is for qualified low-income customers and includes up top 10 free compact florescent light bulbs, weather stripping (they install!), insulation, etc! It's fantastic! The only catch with the refrigerator is that your current one must be at least 15 years old and your new one can be any color of the rainbow, so long as its white.

    The associated CARE program offers 20% discount on your monthly PGE bill.

    Energy Partners and CARE Program have the same income guidelines, so if you qualify for Energy Partners, you may also qualify for CARE. Click here to visit the CARE website.

    Number of Persons in HouseholdTotal Combined Annual Gross Income
    Each Additional$ 7,400

    So if you meet the income qualifications, be sure to check out the Energy Partners program!
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    Re: Free Refrigerator from PG&E for low-income households!

    what if my grandpas fridge is only 9 years old does he still qualify for a free fridge? he is after all low income and verry elderly all his food he bought for the month has gone either brown or chunky. please help! theres gotta be a way he is in need badly for a working fridge band freezer set.
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