I am looking for about two people to create a web site together with. I am a massage therapist. There are many great reasons to build a site together, as opposed to do it individually. It will get us more exposure, greater access to content as we are all developing content for the site, more marketing money to play with for the site. I also simply like working together. It looks nice for customers when they see people band together, and it is a good experience to not sit with it all alone.

In my former career I was a computer technician, and I have a good strong background in Internet technical aspects along with Internet marketing.

I am looking for two people to create a web site together with. The website should be used to market ourselves, and there are other products that can be marketed through the website as well.

I am looking for the "right" two people to work with. Preferably someone who doesnt do the exact same thing as I do, but with enough relation between the two to be a good fit. Obviously the site will be making us money so I think we should have some good strong written agreements with how we share in the expenses and revenue. There will be more revenue coming from the site than just getting us customers if we do this right!

I also would like to feel there really is a meeting of the minds between me and the people I work with.

You should be ready, able and willing to write quite a bit of content for your side of the site. I have the knowledge of how to make the content so it is a strong online marketing tool.

Are you a chiropractor, acupuncturist, body worker, psychotherapist or someone working in the healing arts? Have you been thinking of making a web site for yourself, but havent really had the technical expertise? Or do you have a web site which really doesnt do much for you, and you would like to explore this way of advertising a little more?

I will give you access to my expertise as we work together on creating a fantastic site!