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    Where did the name WaccoBB come from?

    What's the significance of "Wacco" anyway? I've had it pronounced "wacko" and "Wako" to me by folks who've answered ads I've put here.

    There seems to be a general non-understanding about that term.
    This service evolved out of the original WaCCO Yahoogroup started by Denise Meier back in 2000 (?) and I took over as moderator in 2002(?). Denise created the name WaCCO as an acronym for West (a) County Community Online.

    When I took over as moderator, I renamed it to WaccoBB (BB for Bulletin Board), to distinguish it from the other Wacco Yahoogroups that I started, WaccoTalk and WaccoReader, as an early attempt of categorization.

    The correct pronunciation is "Wacko B B dot net" or "Wacko" for short.

    "Waccovians"! I hadn't seen that before; did I miss a thread? Why "Waccovians"? Shouldn't it instead be "Waccobians" (Waccobistas, Waccobans, Waccols, WaccoB-Sers, etc. ad infinitum?
    Precisely! All of the above and more are appropriate and most welcome! Perhaps Roland will continue to invent ever more creative labels for us!

    I've been known to reference our community as Waccoville and Waccovia as well!
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