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    Re: Welcome to the new!

    Hey Barry,

    I think you're doing a great job here with the site, with the exception of your commercial accounts area ideas. I'm thinking that you're asking for a little too much too fast here... with $10 for just two posts per month, and $18 for 4 posts/month. I'm thinking you could have just a flat rate of $5/month and you would build up your client base a lot easier and just set a limit of 4 or 5 posts a month. All those different options and prices you have suggested just seems too corporate or something to me.

    Maybe there's a lot of people who will continue to post and join at your suggested rates, but maybe there'll be a big drop in the "little guy" businesses, or people just trying to start out in new ventures or with not much in the pocketbook by advertising here, and the WACCO communtity here could become more fragmented.

    I think at $5/month, you keep your "doors" open to just about anyone and everyone who might be interested in being a part of this colorful community, which in turn would enrich the opportunities here more for the rest of us.

    Just a thought...
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    Re: Welcome to the new!

    Eh, reality check here.

    Sometimes I don't know which world Waccobbians here are living in.....

    And I would LOVE to live in the same world....

    but the dominant world here charges a heck of a lot more money for a ad space than Wacco BB does here...

    I did a couple of free articles for a pet gazette in Marin and she perked me with a 3 x 5 ad that ran for one issue and she said was worth 400 bucks.

    Your local newspaper is going to charge about 100. week for three or four lines.....

    Kenwood press, which is the very best deal around, still charges 15. bucks for a two week ad..........and they are one rare bird in the bay area....

    yeah, Craigslist is free, but it's worthless for most categories...

    I really truly do wish we were all living in a world where all the above wasn't true....

    chow bellow.

    Quote covelojoe wrote: View Post
    Hey Barry,

    I think you're doing a great job here with the site...yada yada ya...
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    Re: Welcome to the new!

    Quote EllisCreation wrote: View Post
    hey joe,
    WaacoBB is indeed a great website and quite a benefit to our community however i do agree that the commercial fees are a bit much.

    it seems that we are not alone in this opinion because i've noticed very little commercial postings on the site. at least in my industry which is furniture moving. i might be willing to pay the current fee if there were some sort of trial period to see if the ad would gain a viable response.

    i don't have, "the answer" but i do hope that a more affordable fee policy could be developed in the future so that more service providers and customers can benefit from the site.

    There's plenty of commercial posting and you should be happy that there aren't many (any) other furniture movers posting!

    You can support this service on a monthly basis and cancel it whenever you like.

    $6 for a post is pretty cheap and it can return a huge return! And if you don't think its going to be worth $6 to you then I'd rather you didn't post it and clog up the site and waste everybody's time! Either you think you are offering something that will be of interest or not.
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