"Gather yourselves!
All that we do now must be done
in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones that we have been waiting for.
~The Hopi Nation

Do you yearn for the powerful support that an aligned group of men give and receive?
Do you yearn to step more fully into meaningful and creative expression in your life?

So do I.

It's my intention to support you in
*Expanding access to your passion.
*Up-leveling your authentic expression.
*Experiencing the depth of song and primal rhythm.

During our 6 weeks together. you'll engage in provocative interpersonal exercises, revealing your unique inner resources and strengths.

We'll deepen our connection and have a little fun through drumming and song. You'll learn rhythms, each with it's own "rhythmic medicine."

Monday's, February 25th - April 8th, 7-9 pm, Sebastopol

This group is limited to 6 men. Contact Sahar for an exploratory 15-minute interview: (707) 331-5460.

Cost: $150.


"Sahar's course quickly peeled the layers so that my authentic self could emerge and interact with a depth I rarely achieved in normal living." - Kevin Conway, Physical Therapist

"I attended Sahar's workshop for men called "How to be a Hero in Today's World". I was impressed with more than one area:

* He has a great understanding of meaningful connections and he
brings a lot of wisdom and good leadership to the meetings.
* He was connected to the participants of the workshop in a gentle
yet powerful way. That way he was able to motivate them to do the exercises very efficiently.
* He also was connecting the participants with each other nicely so
that we met new friends in the group.

I highly recommend his workshops especially if you are interested in exploring peaceful and meaningful connections." ~ Mete Senocak