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    No Pot on Purvine

    Wednesday, February 21st;6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
    Where Petaluma Ghost Hall
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    Hello Neighbors!

    While we realize today is a holiday, we implore those of you who have not already done so to RSVP to our IMPORTANTupcoming community meeting this Wednesday 2/21/2018 from 6-7:30 pm at thePetaluma Ghost Hall. Simply reply to this email to RSVP!

    We have attached our flyer to this email so that you can print it out or share it with your friends. Come prepared--check out our website and view our community cannabis map with links to the individual applications!

    Why you don't want to miss this meeting. In addition to having an audience with our elected supervisor David Rabbitt (who will eventually vote on whether to approve or deny cannabis permits for individual applications), we have the County's primary policy and decision-making officials in attendance to answer your questions.

    Who is Coming:

    • David Rabbitt (District 2 Supervisor)
    • Tennis Wick (Head of Permit Sonoma)
    • Captain Mark Essick and Lieutenant Reuben Martinez (from the Sherrifs Department)
    • Tim Richard (Cannabis Program Manager from Sonoma County Economic Development Board)
    • Heidi Bauer (Petaluma Valley Groundwater Sustainability Advisory Group)
    Demand a Voice! This meeting moves beyond individual applications and will discuss commercial cannabis policy relative to our area. Because of this, we expect a large number of commercial cannabis applicants to be there in addition to members of the Sonoma County Cannabis Advisory Group. This is an opportunity to show them that our community stands unified in demanding a voice regarding commercial cannabis in our area.

    Bring your questions, bring your neighbors, and demand answers!

    Sincerely, The No Pot On Purvine Team
    -- Please take time to visit our website
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    Re: No Pot on Purvine

    Location:  Petaluma Ghost Hall
    Please refrain from advancing arguments that will make the group sound like a bunch of silly NIMBY's. There are some valid arguments to be made, but perhaps it should be looked at no differently than vineyard conversions.

    With legalization now the law are these not agricultural operations on agricultural lands? If so then how are the facts that they will use some water, require a handful of (agricultural) workers who will add to traffic, and might be located within a couple miles of a school even relevant? Setbacks from adjacent homes, runoff into the watershed and several other issues need to taken into account.

    We have had illegal grows very close to elementary schools, but I would think a large commercial enterprise would be less likely to be the target of an armed robbery and shootout. And what about the smell? Sonoma County has a right-to-farm ordinance that allows manure spreading that makes some of us want to vacate our homes, so how is the smell of cannabis worse than that?
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