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    Sonoma Chocolatiers (formerly Infusions Teahouse) needs our support

    David at Sonoma Chocolatiers, (formerly Infusions Teahouse) the winner of the Best Chocolatier in Sonoma County for the last eight years, winner of numerous first place awards at the County Fair, has to move out, and needs to make as much as possible before he closes to keep him and his family afloat until he can re-establish himself.

    David has lost his lease, and has to vacate by the end of December. This is a major blow as business was always barely enough to stay afloat (and heavily dependent on Valentine’s Day and the holiday season). A serious slump after the fires was the final blow. He is losing his place of business after sinking thousands into building his kitchen, and unless he can find somewhere else to make chocolate he is losing his means of livelihood.

    Please consider buying the best chocolate confections in Sonoma County and giving them as gifts for the holidays, or, heck, just eat them yourself. Go in and give David a kind word and drink some tea; meet your friends there while that beautiful place is still available to us. Let us band together and show our appreciation for his hard work by sending him off with the best month he has ever had.

    Patrick Brinton
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