In this dark time, come and join your sisters as we dive deep into the winter with a sharing of our grief for what has been lost to many in our community and a celebration of the love and caring these losses brought out in us. We will honor the directions, sing, drum, dance, and create together as we move into the new year.

Please arrive at 5:30--the ritual begins promptly at 6 and doors will be locked then.
Bring a vegetarian potluck dish for a shared feast afterwards. And your own dishes, utensils, etc.
And bring musical instruments--drums, rattles, etc. A poem, story or song to share during the offerings is welcome. Please be scent free and no smudges.

For more info, check our website, call Corina at 707 527-0407, Lilith 707 310-8456 or Debby at [email protected] BEFORE the day of the ritual.

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