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    Re: New hotel proposal in Barlow

    Litedep means light deprived. So if you have a greenhouse with a daily cover you can regulate sunlight to produce buds. Two to three crops per year with far less energy cost than indoor. With smoke quality similar. Indoor asking now $1500lb, close to the breakeven price of $1200lb. Yes the outdoor harvest maturing now which will be brought in by the end of October, 600lb.

    Why do I, a self described pot addict track this so Closely? As an anarcofeministanimist former smoker I am fascinated and curious. As a current landowner who rents homes, both tolerant and understanding of peoples process, I see a lot. And I smell even more.

    Think of the industry in classic economic terms, demand and supply. Demand is steady, this powerful plant has been readily available for all the decades of my adult life, inexpensive at $4000 or $400lb. Supply? Highly elastic, it's weed, an annual plant, more potent with more grow support every year. Consistent demand + increased supply( due to legal change) = price drop. Far lower and quicker than anyone's expectations. Time to move on. And yes, concerns about the current industry are moot, as of yesterday.
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