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    Support Sonoma County Conservation Action's June 10th Gala

    When the 2016 election results became clear, SCCA’s Executive Director, Kerry Fuggett and SCCA Board members felt blindsided and stunned. We instantly knew that our community and environment would be under threat. Like most Californians, we woke up the next morning thinking, “what do I do now?!”

    Every day since has seemed like a crisis—but we recall the words of Bill Kortum: "never back down or give up.” But Conservation Action’s Future Depends On Continued Community Support.

    We especially need you to support Conservation Action’s Annual Grassroots Gala dinner and Awards ceremony on June 10th, 2017, 5-9 PM, at the Friedman Center on Mayette Ave. in Santa Rosa, to keep our bills paid and our momentum going.

    This is our single largest fundraising event of the year, and now it is more important than ever.

    Sonoma County Conservation Action has fought hard for you for 26 years as it helped improve environmental policies countywide, and campaigned for environmental protection across the county. But we have always depended on your support. Please make the most generous donation you can today to help us meet the immense challenges ahead.

    Your sponsorship will help double your voice in local politics. It will help elect bold environmental and social justice leaders in 2018. And it will hold our leaders accountable as they move to fight for us at the State and Federal Levels.

    Sponsorship levels are $2,500 (10 tickets), $1,000 (8 tickets), $500 (4 tickets) and $300 (2 tickets).

    Sponsor names will be listed on the event program; tickets will be held under your name at the door.

    California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsome will deliver the keynote address.
    We will also present SCCA and SCCC environmental awards together for the first time
    (see announcement attached).

    To sponsor or otherwise donate with a credit card, go to: OR post your order to SCCA at 540 Pacific Avenue, Santa Rosa, 95404, OR call (707) 571 8566 for more information.
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