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    Events category is now sorted by event date!

    I've completely revamped the Events, Classes and Meetings category so that it is sorted by the event date! So you can now refer to it to see what is happening on any given day! You can also filter the event list by event type (such as Dance/Movement or Political) to help you find an event.

    Click to Go check it out!

    Here's a video demo of it, including how to add events.

    One interesting feature is that is supports multiple dates for a given "event" so if your flyer contains several events, or say introductory evening, and then a workshop (that people can attend separately from each other) they can appear as separate rows with their corresponding dates in the event list, each of which is linked to the same post (and it only counts as one post!).

    The post will still be sent out in the digest following the time it was posted. Repost (which will send the post back out in the digest) still works the same way, and according to the same rules.

    You can still sort the list by the last post date (the way the category used to be sorted). This can be handy for seeing events that were recently added.

    I'll be adding additional features in the next few weeks, such as adding a widget (similar to the Barry's Picks widget), that lists the upcoming events that will be visible throughout the website, and adding a section in the digest with a brief listing of the events coming up in the next day or two.

    Please let me know if you have any problems or questions.

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