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    Re: We need pot smoking candidates to run for Sup!

    I have long sought many forms of herbs for medicine. I ran for Supervisor in 2008 in the 1st District (Brown's). I dropped out because another environmentally friendly candidate joined the race, (Will Pier), who had a much longer history in the eastern part of our county.

    When I ran for US Senate in the June primary this year, I openly said I was, (and still do) want the Federal government to participate in clinical trials to prove the medicinal benefits of cannabis, and declassify it as an illegal substance when used responsibly by adults. Non-psychoactive forms of cannabis may be appropriate for minors - under a doctor's care. I've heard of cancers being cured, including that of children, using the plant's oil.

    My asthma and sinus infections have vanished with its use; and in dealing with severe trauma and grief, nothing works as well for me, provided I can find the right strain. (Grown organic and outdoors is best for all food and medicine).

    I was not the only Senate candidate who held this position; but the mainstream media is so controlled by the 1% only 1 of the 2 dozen candidates got their positions heard, because Feinstein was their only horse in the race.

    My theory on why Brown & Zane went off track on this issue - (besides the complaints from property owners fearful of growers), the wine industry does not like the way recreational pot consumption cuts into thier profits. As to why the Obama administration reversed course - I think Big Pharma knows how well cannabis works for many mental and physical problems and also does not want the competition.

    There are 2 current members of the SC BOS who are rumored to be pot smokers; they would be the 2 youngest ones. Being a pot smoker, for medical, or other reasons does not make you a good Supervisor. Listening to the Public, as much, if not more as you listen to staff and lobbyist is required. Along with researching the issues yourself.

    Here's what my experience and research has determined:

    Brown - she may have left the building, but she's quite likely to move on to bigger things and do more damage.

    Gorin - after reviewing her actions on the SR City Council for many years, I can say she's much better than Sawyer, but not as progressive or assertive as this board needs her to be to balance it out. I hope she will evolve fast and set a new tone for them, and leave the too cautious approach behind. (My dispensary put up her campaign sign, so that's encouraging.)

    Rabbitt - he and I don't agree on some issues, but he has been very respectful, and gracious with his time; his staff aide has been the best so far.

    It's healthy to have one fair and sensible conservative on the Board. In 10 years I have only seen a 4 conservatives to 1 (pretend) progressive ratio. This is why they overspend on the wrong things and are addicted to growth beyond our means to support it.

    McGuire - not always aligned with our West County style. Nice guy to a fault as he tries to please all sides and becomes disingenuous. Very good at listening and being respectful. His district is more conservative and has a big sway by the wine industry. I hope he grows the ethical part of his core; and diminishes the unholy alliances.

    Zane - we used to be on the same side of most issues, but she has completely sold out, as someone recently said she's had a (Doug) Bosco lobotomy. After a decade of attending meetings, I have never experienced worse leadership at civic meetings. She needs to be recalled. Shirley knew about the unresolved crimes against me and my daughter, and she literally turned her back on me at a domestic violence luncheon. She has no shame or scruples, nor even sense of democracy running meetings.

    Carillo - a criminal who will be going to jail if there are any decent folks left in law enforcement and the courts. (See details here!!!!-Hoo-Ray!-Battle-over-tree-clear-cutting-%28Press-Democrat%29&p=160696&highlight=#post160696, and my post on this thread on, 12-12-2012 11:02 PM)

    Efren knew about the crimes going on in my daughter's life and did NOTHING to help for the 2 years before she died. In fact, he and his aide, Susan Upchurch, (she is Graton Girl here on Wacco), may have made matters worse because of all the truth regarding their misconduct I have made public.

    The wine grape industry has been grooming Efren for a long time, and now he's been given some key positions where he can do some irreversible damage to our environment and infect that of other regions. He may look good on some Green issues; but it is VERY dangerous to trust him. The truth will come out; and their karma will catch up with them.

    If the majority of you do nothing, be prepared for things to get much worse. Adding fluoride to your drinking water; permitting wine grape growers to overdraft our groundwater, river and streams at the peril of endangered species of fish; and poison our water and soil with the run-off of vineyards and use of "recycled" water. I could go on and on, because I attend the meetings, I review the agendas, I use to date the former head of the water agency and I've had folks from the dark side of these issues disclose many critical facts.

    I hope you will investigate where your medicine & wine comes from. There are good stewards of the environment, and those who ruin it operating in both sectors.

    Being pot-friendly does not mean you are a good person or politician. Much harm and even death has, and can come from enabling the kind of people we have in power from the BOS to Congress.

    Don't wait until it's too late to get a clue and remove from office the 2 Supervisors working against us on many vital issues; and the one guilty of felony assault, and collusion in obstruction of justice - put behind bars!

    Ignore this at your own risk of permitting disneyland for winos & gamblers to be de-watered and de-forested so they can pave over paradise for their hummers and extending the landing strips for their jets, while the Boho's and their allies dance on our graves.

    Quote Edward Mendoza wrote: View Post
    We need people who are public and proud of smoking. The Sups who betrayed Sonoma County residents were like wolves in sheep's clothing.

    I would like to see a candidate run for the Board of Supervisors who I KNOW smokes pot. I'm not saying that there is no one that does not smoke who can be trusted. But I am saying that I would like to see someone who smokes and exercises the same freedom that we do if they are going to represent us in government.

    Another thought: Is anyone here willing to run for the BOS to defend our rights and our freedoms, to fight for our right to choose our medicine and our health?

    Thank you!
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    Re: We need pot smoking candidates to run for Sup!

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