Wednesday, February 22, 7 to 10 pm
at Sunrise Center
645 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera, CA 94925
(415) 924.7824

Trailer for "A Sheltered Sea--The Journey of The Marine Life Protection Act"

with Lori Grace, David McGuire of Sea Stewards,
Dr. Chris Pincetech, Turtle Island Restoration Network
Anna Weinstein of the Audubon Society California
and Bob Wilson from the Marine Mammal Center

This is a FREE event to raise awareness and support for our Ocean, and all the life that depends on this precious eco-system, with emphasis on local initiatives. There will be chances to WIN a 2 night/3 day stay at our educational eco-retreat in Maui, videos related to preserving our oceans and our SF Bay and possibly a space with David McGuire
on a shark tagging trip!

Register by 5pm on Tuesday
to get a free raffle ticket.
Additional tickets are available for $5 each.
The money raised goes to support the creation of a
protected marine area in the San Francisco Bay!
Baby Sea Lion starving for lack of herring & other fish
in our SF Bay

This evening is the second in a series of film screenings and special speakers on saving the Bay and protecting marine wildlife. We will look at a documentary film and listen to presentations describing the problems facing the ecology of the SF Bay today. We will look at what is being done to address these problems and what could be introduced in the future to deal with these issues.

Through a series of film screenings and special speakers on saving the Bay and protecting marine wildlife, you can learn about the exciting work that is being done by Sea Stewards and Save Our Ocean, Save Our Bay to seek to create a marine-protected area in the Bay.

Presented by David McGuire, Sea Stewards and Lori Grace, Sunrise Center

Guest Speakers:

Dr. Chris Pincetech, Turtle Island Restoration Network, presenting: Yes We Have Turtles: The Eastern Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle and New Critical Habitat Protections.

Anna Weinstein, Audubon Society California, presenting: Herring, the San Francisco Bay and Important Resources for Marine Birds

Bob Wilson, J.D., The Marine Mammal Center played a major role in the establishment of Marine Protected Areas all along the California coast. He assisted greatly in the passage of "The California Marine Life Protected Act"

We will be screening a documentary film, The Sheltered Sea, with a discussion to follow.
We will also look at the value of creating marine protection and what is being done towards that end by Sunrise Center and Lori Grace who is spearheading the creation of the first protected marine area within the Bay, a project called Save Our Ocean, Save Our Bay.

After seeing the film clips and learning about the work of these ocean-loving people and their organizations, you will have a chance to mingle with David, Lori, Chris, Anna and Bob, ask further questions and more fully understand why they have come together to support the idea of a marine protected area in the Bay. We will be gathering names of those who would like to help Sea Stewards and Save Our Ocean, Save Our Bay to create this protected area and will also be happy to accept any donations at this time.
A marine biologist and cinematographer, David McGuire is the Founder and Director of the non-profit SeaStewards. A Research Associate of the Department of Aquatic Biology at the California Academy of Sciences, David is conducting a shark research program that includes population studies, movements and fisheries impacts on the San Francisco Bay.

As Captain, Dive Master and filmmaker, David has explored the world ocean on numerous sailing voyages producing media with an emphasis on shark conservation and ocean awareness. Educated in Marine Biology, he holds a masters degree in Environmental Health and has worked in education and public health at the University of California at Berkeley for over a decade. David is the writer, producer and underwater cinematographer of several award winning documentaries and was the original sponsor of the California Shark Conservation Bill.

Lori Grace has been involved in issues around ocean health, fish, turtle and marine mammal protection for over 30 years. She has worked with Michael Bailey on creating the UN ban on high seas international drift netting, Saving Japan Dolphins and the The Cove movie.

She has also worked with David McGuire on shark protection in general and has helped create the success of the California State Shark Fin Ban. She is also raising fish in her own backyard (backyard Aquaponics) as a way of reducing demand on wild caught fish.

The End of the Line Trailer

The movie, The End of the Line, shows us how important it is to create marine protected areas along the ocean and in our SF Bay.