Hi Everyone,
Hope that this e-mail reaches you in good health and spirits. There are approximately
23 days left to the NATIONAL BOYCOTT(May19-23). As many of you may know,
the NYPD detectives in the Sean Bell murder trial were acquitted on all charges.
The judge in the case had made his decision based on the fact that the demeanor
and background of Mr. Bell and his friends had warranted the detectives to shoot
over 50 times. This judicial decision cannot go unanswered. Go back to the 80's
with the death of Micheal Stewart and Eleanor bumpers to name a few. Go back
even further to a time when it was legal to lynch African Americans. For too long
we have sat idly by while we let the "establishment" shoot our leaders (Malcolm/Martin/Medgar)
and our young black/hispanic men (Stewart/Baez/Bell) and have done NOTHING about it.
Now is the time to move to action. We must make this stand because if we do not,
they will continue to just kill our leaders and young men when it suits them knowing
they will not be held to the same judicial consequences as the average citizens.
We can no longer turn a blind eye, because it may happen to us. The only thing
that the establishment understands is the almighty dollar.
So remember, do all necessary shopping prior to the MAY 19th (May17 & 18).
Buy no gas; fill up before. Do grocery shopping before. Carpool to work, if possible
ride a bike or walk to work. Bring bagged lunch to work or leftovers.
Spend not one penny that week. Make a donation of at least $5.00 to a Black/Hispanic
organization. God Bless. PLEASE PASS THIS ON.
Wonda Y. Jones Director
Safiya Bukhari- Albert Nuh Washington Foundation