Your body is constantly talking to you. Are you listening?

Did you know that laryngitis may mean you're afraid of speaking out? Or that back pain may mean someone in your life is a pain in the butt?
Through group hypnosis, you'll learn Mind/Body Communication skills to:
*Uncover messages and payoffs behind your health challenges
*Increase understanding of your specific healing needs
*Prevent future illnesses and injuries
*Learn your body's preferences for type of healer

Leader Gail Raborn CHt: specializes in guiding her clients to resolve emotional and health challenges through her integration of Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic work, Intuitive and Spiritual Guidance. Gail was a workshop leader in Europe for 12 years; she opened the first Integrative Health Clinic in Northern CA in l973. She offers sessions in Santa Rosa, and by telephone and Zoom. Contact her at: 707-827-3615
[email protected]