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Thread: Cat Video Fest
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    Cat Video Fest

    Saturday, March 16th;12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
    Where Rialto Cinemas, 6868 McKinley St, Sebastopol
    Cost $9.50 - $9.95
    Event Website Add to Google Calendar

    Bringing the joy of cat videos to the masses and raising money for cats in need. 10% proceeds will go to Forgotten Felines

    Each year, CatVideoFest curates a compilation reel of the latest, best cat videos culled from countless hours of unique submissions and sourced animations, music videos, and, of course, classic internet powerhouses. Screening events take place all over the world in a host of venues and raise money for cats in need, often through partnerships with local cat charities, animal welfare organizations, and shelters to identify how best to serve cats in the area. The all-new edition will begin in February of 2019 and Oscilloscope plans to bring CatVideoFest to hundreds of theaters around the globe where patrons can enjoy the shared experience of communal joy that these videos bring out. What better way for us humans to come together than by watching cats?
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